Experince Australia

Donna White has been an Aussie Specialist since 1996. A trip to Australia is an experience of a lifetime!
AustraliaHer love and enthusiasm for Australia’s diversity is reflected in the adventures and experiences she plans in every trip Down Under. All trips are customized to best meet the needs and desires of each client no matter whether you are traveling alone, with your family, or in a group. Donna enjoys unique places and experiences not to be missed. Eco-friendly lodges, farm stays or stations, live-a-boards for diving or snorkeling, sailing trip or backpacker’s accommodations can be included in your itinerary.

Aboriginal culture, art, golf, wine, trekking, history, wildlife, shopping, geology, white water rafting, dining in the desert or rain forest are just some of the experiences easily incorporated into your travel plans. Donna looks forward to your email or phone call to help you get started on your adventure!

Aussie Specialist

 Each state or Territory of Australia have their own special places to
 explore. All are different. New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria,
 South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory or
 Canberra, Tasmania, and Northern Territory plus some island

Food and wine
Sure you can sip Australian wines at home, but they will never taste as satisfying as they do after you walk the grounds of a local vineyard and sample its best varietals alongside some of the country's finest WINE critics.
Now that's reason to toast
to the good life!
A walk in the park is one thing. But bushwalking through the Blue Mountain with a naturalist, who leads you from one spectacular sandstone cliff lookout into the lush fauna below to spot rare native birds, is another.
Now that's reason to step into a new direction!
 Why fly and then flop on the
 beach when you can  combine the best of nature,  adventure and new coastal  retreats. Cozy up to nature  in style at one of the many  new resorts, luxury camps  and beachside towns.
Australia let's you do two thing at once: perfect one of your skills while admiring the environment around you. Painting, star gazing, and Eco training are some of the many experiences to perfect in Australia.
Now is the time to perfect your passion!